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» » Список изменений The Forest 0.25

Список изменений The Forest 0.25 

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Список изменений The Forest 0.25

25 обновление - юбилей. Четвертак, как-никак. Сегодня выжившему полагается выпивка - текила (ящик которой он найдет в багажном отделении самолета (само багажное отделение он тоже найдет, но его, конечно, придется хорошенько поискать )). Может ему подбросить консервированных бобов, кольт 45 калибра и журнал Плейбой (чтоб листал на досуге, вспоминая старые добрые времена) . Возможно подобным образом рассуждали разработчики готовя 25 патч. Впрочем, вероятность точного совпадения предположения и реальных размышлений стремится к нулю, но таки отлична от него..посему имеет место быть. Что же на самом деле приготовили для нас в 25 патче? Это мы сейчас и узнаем...(пока нет перевода, однако есть чье-то видео)

Скачать, кстати, обновленную игру вы можете в статье The Forest 0.25 (пиратка).
Что изменилось в игре? А вот что...

И собственно, список изменений:

* New building: Custom Effigy – replaces ‘Simple Effigy’ in book (once built, use sticks to add to base shape and/or limbs and torsos to create effigies of your own ! Range and duration of the repulsive effect when lit depends on amount of added limbs)
* New Ocean shader! Now has 3d waves and foam! – note – low, ultra low and fastest quality settings default to old ocean. This can be changed in quality settings
* Player will now find themselves hung upside down when waking up in cave and will need to cut themselves free
* New rain shader! *again – this time runs faster and looks better
* Improved terrain water accumulation
* (multiplayer) Animations now blend more smoothly for client players when attacking enemies.
* (multiplayer) Fixed animation issues for client when mutants would die
* (multiplayer) Fixed bug where cave enemies would sometimes ignore clients if client was far enough away from host player
* (multiplayer) Lowered network interpolation delay for clients to improve responsiveness over network
* (multiplayer) Metal doors are now correctly synced between players!
* (multiplayer) Fixed head bombs not synced between players
* (multiplayer) Fixed issue with grabbing items nearby a sled after looking at the sled picking up whatever is inside
* (multiplayer) Breakable crates in overworld are now synced between players
* (multiplayer) Improved suitcase syncing between players
* (multiplayer) Fires don’t give light for players that aren’t around when first lit
* (multiplayer) Fixed issue with scale of fire after loading a saved game in multiplayer
* (multiplayer) Fixed some smaller issues with log/rock sled in multiplayer
* (multiplayer) Fixed an issue that would occasionally stop players from connecting to a multiplayer game after already having joined one
* (multiplayer) Fixed issue with effigies not always lighting up for clients or being lightable for clients
* (multiplayer) Fixed animation issue that would happen when you were looking at another player dropping a corpse on the ground
* (multiplayer) Fixed issue where suitcase “lock” icon would always be visible even after suitcase had been opened
* (multiplayer) Fixed Defensive Wall Reinforcement sometimes doubling up
* (multiplayer) Fixed cutting tree sometimes not finalizing properly leaving a floating cut tree
* Fixed bug where fire would sometimes be really big when first lit under some conditions
* (audio) Axe, club and rock weapons now make impact sounds when hitting plane hull
* (audio) Ambient sounds no longer briefly heard before plane crash starts
* (audio) Echo added to sinkhole!
* (audio) Increased footstep volume when running
* (audio) Revised scream sounds to sync better with animations
* (audio) Fixed inaudible drop sound on pre-placed dead mutant bodies. Fixed bat exit cave sound inaudible.
* (audio) Fixed thunder playing effect twice when rain starts
* (audio) Added water drips to rivers during rain
* (audio) Added less full-on inhales for when coming up from underwater
* (audio) Randomised offset to fire start time to stop audio distortion when building lots of fires close to each other
* (audio) Sigh relief sound effect is now played when the player extinguishes being on fire by entering a water volume
* (audio) Weapon clean sound now plays when entering water with a bloody weapon.
* (audio) Suitcases, laptops, small pots, food carts and plane seats all have sounds now when pushed
* (audio) Fixed suitcase smash sound sometimes playing twice when hit and distorting audio
* (audio) Tuned cliff, item push, and some player sounds
* New art added: Blue tent (replaced placeholder blue tents)
* Terrain shader improvements, faster rendering, better performance when raining and more tweaks
* (balance) Increased lung breathing duration to 25s
* (balance) Rebalanced all weapon speed/damage/block strength
* (balance) Slightly lowered energy drain from swinging an axe
* (balance) Stopped bombs and dynamite sliding as much after being thrown
* (balance) Blocking with weapons no longer drains stamina
* (balance) Bow max charge duration set to 2s (was 5s before) Now, release when visually the bow looks ready and you will fire a straight shot
* (balance) Lowered speed of shell attack
* (performance) New Mid level trees added
* (performance) Mutants now have skinned lod meshes
* (performance) Optimized animator on distant/not visible enemies and bodies
* (performance) Lowered memory usage in render textures by about 200megs
* (performance) Lakes and ponds are now fully disabled when far enough away
* Fixed blood visible on screen during drag away cutscene
* (UI) Added weapon block strength display to inventory item tooltip
* Amount and type of enemies in the world will change over time depending on how many are killed
* More trees now respond to wind!
* Trees when cut no longer switch shaders -improving jump between cut and not cut meshes*still some improvements needed to make this totally seamless
* Lighting weapons and projectiles now requires to hold the “Lighter” button for half a second
* Fixed suitcases around plane respawning at runtime when going back and forth to the plane
* Fixed enemy placed art often being half underground, having wrong rock texture, or having items not pickupable when destroyed
* Fixed strange shading on fire built model due to wrong occlusion map
* (visuals) Improved look of lakes/ponds. Fixed mip mapping issues causing pixel distortion in distance. Better bump and fog settings. Brightened streams and improved bump/blend and reflections.
* New enemy behaviour – mutants can sometimes be seen feeding on body parts in caves!
* Fixed missing seaweed prefabs under water
* Fixed weapon fire light having a really big range and lighting up entirety of caves!
* Lowered brightness of player_net lighter
* Blood particle effect made less shiny/metallic
* Brightened colors on edible and spoilt fish, generic meat, rabbit, lizard materials to make difference between states clearer
* Upped max arrow amount in inventory from 12 to 30
* Multiple arrows can now be upgraded at once with a single bottle of booze
* Fire arrows now look red in inventory
* Fixed laptops being too dark and some still having old model linked in
* Lowered chance of birds clumping onto perch targets on built items
* Updated enemy cave layout in some caves
* Improved some areas of cave collision to stop feet poking through
* Fixed fullness not getting consumed while sleeping (so it behaves like thirst)
* While sleeping both fullness and thirst can only be consumed up to a threshold, so that you never wake up on the verge of dying (unless you engaged sleeping in this state)
* Sleeping is now limited to once per day (unless woken by enemies in which case it doesn’t count towards this limit)
* Shelter now shows remaining time until next sleep instead of action icon while the feature is locked (display is relative to 1 in game day, ie if the bar is 50% filled it means half a day remains before sleeping again)
* Effigies now require to hold the “Take” button for 0.5s to set alight
* Added lighter action icons to all effigies
* Added more fire particles to molotov to make it look spread out more
* Molotovs can now be used to fuel fires
* Molotov no longer leave fire floating in the air when colliding mid air with something
* Fixed Destroyed Tied Tongue effigy parts not being pickupable
* Fixed birds perching on other birds
* Fixed bug where bodies could not be placed in Log Sled when carrying rocks.
* Fixed bug with terrain sand making it look 8-bit around beach area. Balanced look of sand.
* Improved cave reflection cube map for underground lakes
* Sun is now correctly blocked by thick clouds in sky
* Added blend option for clouds and new overcast texture to simulate clouds/storms forming before rain
* New base cloud texture!
* New rope material/textures
* New cave art added: Stalagmites and stalactite types
* Fixed bug where you could open survival book whilst climbing rope
* Fixed some issues with matching props/textures when switching to dummy on death
* Fixed 3 sappling types missing texture on thin trunks
* New gameplay option: “Advanced controller support (XInput)” (required to use the game with a Steam Controller, it is off by default so check out options if you need it)
* New gameplay option: “Show projectile reticle”
* New graphics option: Ocean Quality [Wave Displacement / Flat] Low, Fastest and Ultra Low quality presets use Flat ocean quality by default.
* New texture added for cannibal carry away timmy
* New art added – replacement rocky/dirt ground texture
* It is no longer possible to drink (from ponds/Lakes) while moving
* Ensured better randomness of plane crash site roll
* Cave 1 – fixed seam in floor, fixed distortion in parts of floor. Raised rocks in flooded room. lighting improvements, more walls replaced with mineral wall type
* Graded ground textures to match values in trunks closer
* Less electric green in tree moss
* New fish models and types added!
* Fish are now killable with regular weapons and explosives (hitting them with axe is pretty fun but probably way overpowered currently)
* Fixed spamming the “Lighter” action with a fire arrow equipped creating several fires over time (could eventually cause fire to stay on forever and enemies to get caught on fire when poked with the fire arrow)
* Lighting arrows now requires to hold the “Lighter” button for half a second
* It no longer possible to shoot arrows while lighting it on fire
* Arrow fire now properly shuts down after a few seconds
* Arrow fire now properly burns close by objects
* Lowered big effigy burn duration to 20 minutes (was 40)
* Worked around an issue with some keyboards shooting keydown message repeatedly when holding down a key, preventing from using held input actions
* Player no longer gets cold immediately when entering water at night or in caves, instead there is a chance it happens over time when water level is above ankles
* Player can look down more while climbing cliffs
* Fixed player movement breaking when sitting on a bench and alt attacking with a spear
* Fixed player crouching glitching out whilst holding lit arrows
* Fixed raft row material glowing
* Fixed grabbing rocks from sled while carrying a body bug
* Improved look of dirty pot water and improved look of steam particle when boiled
* Fixed issue causing water pot to have a wrong texture when boiling dirty water on fire
* Increased player swim upwards speed
* Balanced blood amount on screen when suffering damage
* Food cooking on a fire gets destroyed when the fire does, except water pot which you can pick up empty afterwards
* Fixed bug where camera could be sometimes slightly offset after plane crash
* Removed pre-placed dead cannibals in world
* Raft is slightly faster now

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