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» » Список изменений The Forest 0.23

Список изменений The Forest 0.23 

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Список изменений The Forest 0.23

Игра обновляется-обновляется-обновляется и обновляется... Полоса прогресса постоянно движется, а конечная граница с такой же скоростью отдаляется... Или это лишь кажется? Или уже привыкли? Шутка ли - 23 патч.
Что происходит? Прогресс или видимость прогресса? Реальные улучшения или эмуляция постоянной работы над игрой? Впрочем у разработчиков на эти вопросы есть вполне конкретные ответы. Они не балду , простите , пинали. Они правили игру, обновляли, добавляли..и еще много чего ляли! Хотите отчет по сделанной работе? Их есть у нас, получите!

Скачать, кстати, обновленную игру вы можете в статье The Forest 0.23 (пиратка).
Что изменилось в игре? А вот что...

Полный список изменений The Forest 0.23 (пока что без перевода):
* Added Run & Breath silent skills, reducing running stamina cost or increasing lung air breathing duration as player practices those activities
* New building: Procedural Stick Fence ! (can be found in bottom right page of shelters)
* New building: Procedural Rock fence ! (can be found in bottom right page of furnitures)
* New building: Defensive wall reinforcement ! (can be found in the decoration page, but nevertheless increases the wall strength by 45%)
* Light fire weapons animation added!
* Lighting a molotov now requires “L” to light
* Molotov dousing – throwing unlit molotovs at enemies will cover them with alcohol, causing increased damage when set alight
* (multiplayer) Game browser now displays amount of players currently in game
* (multiplayer) Stick marker color is now synced
* (multiplayer) Fixed client not properly waiting for building bellow to be loaded before removing black screen, thus causing to fall down below (when game was saved while on a player made structure)
* (multiplayer) Fixed issues with fire replication
* (multiplayer) Players can now see each other fire arrows and other burning projectiles properly
* (multiplayer) Trees will now fall smoothly for clients
* (multiplayer) Fixed several cases where mutant would switch clothes and weapons would switch for clients when killed
* (multiplayer) Suitcases now replicate correctly between players! (previously would only work if players were close together and suitcase not not been physically moved)
* (multiplayer) Fixed issue where logs could be duplicated by juggling them between two players (SORRY!)
* (multiplayer) Fixed bodies sliding when dropped
* (multiplayer) Increased volume of walky talky
* (multiplayer) Fixed Lizards disappearing for client in traps
* (multiplayer) Fixed Clients not getting cold outside of caves
* (multiplayer) Fixed a case of foundation repair trigger vanishing for clients when it shouldn’t
* (multiplayer) Fixed an issue where the body of skinny mutants would warp to regular mutants upon death
* (multiplayer) Fixed an issue where cowman would knock clients over when they were outside of his targeting range
* (multiplayer) Fixed Water level in water collectors not in sync between server/client
* (multiplayer) Audio parameters will now replicate over the network to clients
* (multiplayer) ‘Burn Damage’ animation will now properly play on mutants for client
* (multiplayer) Alive rabbits dropped by client will now move aligned to terrain
* (audio) Thrown objects will now distract enemies when hitting any solid object, rather than just trees and terrain
* (audio) Dropped objects will now attract enemies in the same way as thrown objects
* (Audio) Mutants sound clearer
* (Audio) Added player on fire hurt sounds
* (Audio) Fix jumping on ground when raining playing very watery sound
* (Audio) New fireman idle, movement, attack and getting hit sounds.
* (Audio) New female creepy mutant idle, getting hit and death sounds.
* (Audio) Added doppler effect to fireman fire movement and attack sounds.
* (Audio) Fixed missing flashlight flick on/off sound
* (Audio) Added new freakout reaction sounds to regular female mutants.
* (Audio) Increased volume of small boats/raft on water and raft paddling events.
* (Audio) Tuned all aspects of swimming sound
* (Audio) increased level of blood drips
* (Audio) Fixed timing and tuned levels of bow and arrow
* (Audio) Tuned levels of eating and drinking
* (Audio) Added lighting molotov sound and improved its held on fire sound
* (Audio) Optimized memory footprint
* (Audio) Clifftop surf sound now audible
* (Audio) Jumping on rocks plays rock sound
* (Audio) Shipping containers play metal footsteps
* (Audio) Geese have some sounds now
* Fixed anchorable rope not getting destroyed with the building it is anchored to
* Fixed player camera clipping through tree trunks after being chopped
* Player can now set tennis balls on fire !
* Reduced burning weapons memory allocations
* Made underwater breath duration more consistent
* Fixed Sleeping mutants stay frozen if killed before waking up
* Lowered position of stick marker color trigger to make it easier to find
* Player can no longer survive falls by using survival book or inventory
* Holding the “Batch” button while placing a building now automatically brings up the same ghost building to be placed again
* When items placed on the crafting mat match with upgrade recipes it will now be listed in the same fashion as normal recipes !
* Fixed some bugs with fire particle size when fires were re-lit and stocked after loading a saved game
* Fixed animal numbers never going down even when killing lots
* Opening the book while in the air now delays opening till player is grounded again
* New art added: Improved burning log (used for bonfire)
* New art added: Improved bow and arrow
* Improved look of pale cave mutants (resculpted normal map)
* Improved shading of regular and skinny mutants (better sss, less orange skin diffuse, better spec)
* Fixed seam on remote players head
* New shader – toon outline for alpha textures – selecting feathers or other items with an alpha map will now have correct outline
* Branches and leaves are now cut off trees with a built tree structure ! (only works on pine trees with moss currently – rest of trees soon)
* Wood planks in caves can now be blown up with explosives
* Survival book entry for skull lamp needed resources should match blueprint
* Doubled rebreather air capacity
* Can no longer open inventory while underwater
* More underwater sea weed/coral placed. Underwater pickups placed and some hidden caches
* Leaves are now required to build bonfire
* New item added: Oyster. Can be found in ocean, can be stored in backpack and eaten but has limited shelf life
* Terrain/world improvements, adding more detail to edges of some ponds, adding new paths, filling out empty areas,
* improving look of some areas
* Improved fire particles on creepy mutants
* Replaced/improved enemy necklace model, and enemy prop textures
* Fixed flickering on small pine tree sapling!
* Fixed normals on log spike tip
* Grey zone health threshold now set at 10% (was 5% before)
* While in grey zone, player weapon damage is increased by 30%
* Improved terrain textures and shading
* More plane crash animation added – more debris flying around, especially towards end as plane crashes
* Cave 9 re-work
* Fixed device placer (used by bomb & talky) showing icon too early and on colliders which nothing can be placed on
* Fixed a rare case of weapon lock up after throwing projectiles
* Fixed banding in sky especially at night (Unless on lowest material quality level, which will run slightly faster but still
* exhibit some banding)
* Drinking a soda will now instantly restore some stamina along with energy
* Improved shading on fat creepy mutant
* Plugged in and fixed burnt materials for all cannibal types
* Targeting a climbable wall now displays a sheen icon while not carrying the climbing axe
* Dead bodies around the world now have a chance to appear as bloody, burnt and with limbs missing
* Placing buildings near a raft no longer places it on top of the raft if it cannot be nested with it
* Fixed issues with fat creepy mutant being able to damage player when not attacking
* Fixed fat creepy able to stun lock player when knocked to the ground
* Eating mutant limbs now hurts player slightly and gives less fullness replenishment
* Halved soda thirst replenishment
* Drinking from a dirty water source (like ponds) now replenishes only half of the total thirst
* All regular mutants health increased by 25%
* Decreased fire damage to all mutant types
* Decreased bomb damage to distorted mutants
* Decreased damage done to all structures by mutants
* Decreased chance for mutants to attack structures
* Increased chance of skinny mutants eating bodies
* Arms & legs can no longer be picked up from exploded mutants
* (performance) New lods made for: Cannibal hut, Cannibal fire details,Massive rock, Background mountains,Plane crash, waterfall, pinetree top heavy
* (performance) Lowered mesh count on randomly placed dead wood and fixed orientation
* (performance) Lowered rendering ranges for all lower draw distance settings (med/low/ultra low)
* Fixed climbing wall icon not using the proper climbing axe icon
* Improved terrain around cave 10 and fixed orange tent sitting crooked on rock
* Fixed some areas where ocean trigger was missing/misaligned and would let you walk underwater or didn’t have fog visible
* Switched wall experimental and basic wall positions in book. Wall experimental is now default wall.
* Better matched cliff grass to terrain grass using planar mapping
* Lowered intensity of skull light built
* Small material tweaks: Darkened cave entrances to match albedo of surrounding rocks, brightened ghost experimental
* material to make it easier to see during day, tweaked clouds, fixed sheen on raft rowing stick, tweaks to plants
* material/spec settings. Improved look of held molotov. Improved shading on dead sharks and live sharks.
* Tutorials are now hidden while in water
* Rebreather bubbles activate only past 80% screen water coverage
* Player cannot be burnt past 50% screen water coverage anymore
* It is no longer possible to open book while swimming or diving
* Can no longer light fires that are built underwater
* Improved particle effect for standing fire, fire pit and basic fire and bonfire
* Pause in inventory is now delayed by 1s to solve tone mapping issue
* Fixed building not working in both tree houses
* Fixed issue with weapon rack system allowing to duplicate items on rare occasions
* Lowered chance of getting teeth when hitting enemies
* Replaced circuit board spawners with dynamic laptops that need to be smashed open
* Fixed issue where shelters page 2 could be skipped if shelters wasn’t viewed through survival book
* Sharks attack player more often now
* Sleeping and being woken by enemies should happen less often, and only when enemies are actually close
* Fixed blood particle effects missing when hitting enemies
* Fixed mutants not facing target sometimes when eating a body
* Fixed some icons (like building repair) staying up when dying
* Fixed issues with stamina calculations when running


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